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King Football Tips has been set up to help you make money from football tips

King Football Tips - make profits from our best football betting tips and tipsters

Get to know us!

We are passionate about football betting and have set up King Football Tips to provide a valuable resource for fellow punters.

"Our mission is to help others make steady profits from daily football bets."

Before creating the site, we had many years of little betting success. However, after networking with pro gamblers who were making a living from betting, we turned this around! From doubting whether we could make money consistently from betting, we were making a second income and wanted to help others make this switch. This has lead to you reading this today!

Get to know the site!

The site is split into both free tips and member tips. The free tips give instant value to those new to the site and these tips produce lots of wins. Our member tips are the best performing tips, profiting consistently throughout the year with the selections of pro tipsters.

Why not make everything free?

We want to grow the site as much as possible to reach more people and have a positive impact on them. We do this by using the funds of the membership. The member tips are priced so that our followers get great value for money. Members have covered the membership cost and made profits well in excess of this from the tips provided. We price the membership as low as we can to make it affordable to as many people as possible, yet still have enough to reinvest in the site and keep it running.

Our progress

We know that there is a bad air around betting and that there are sites out there that make false claims. As mentioned earlier, we have set up the site as we want to provide the best tips that we can week in, week out for fellow punters like ourselves. We are proud to say that we have achieved this, with members making over £1,000 this year (some a lot more than this depending on their staking!).


We appreciate the bad stigma associated with betting, so we offer a £1 week trial with a refund guarantee, so that you can trial the tips for little to no risk.

"We are confident that you'll love the tips and their success!"

You can read more information on the member tips by clicking here

King Football Tips - make profits from our best football betting tips and tipsters


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