Revise the key strategies to stay in control when placing bets and not get lured into common mistakes.

Mistakes to Avoid - Don't Bet with Amounts of Money that you are Not Willing to Lose

First and foremost, you don't want to lose an amount of money that is significant to you. So when placing a bet rather than looking at the winnings, think about the worst case scenario (ie. what you are risking/will potentially lose). This counts for winnings that you have rolled over as well money deposited directly from your bank account.

Another way to avoid being tempted into dipping into your account more than you would like tois to set a monthly budget of how much you are happy to invest in bets. With these figures that you decide on in mind, you are more financially disciplined, keeping a check on amounts invested.

Mistakes to Avoid - Don't Lose Your Composure

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Keep composure win or lose. Go into each bet as if it is your first. This avoids complacency (if you are on a winning streak) and chasing losses (if on a losing streak). It's easy to start losing patience and take slightly riskier bets for higher potential reward. Remember what strategy you have put in place and stick to it. If you are unsure about a bet or one of the selections in an accumulator then don't pursue it. The likelihood is that in the long-run you will start employ riskier bets each time and start to lose more often.

Another issue to acknowledge is that temptation to 'chase the rabbit' after a loss. If you have a loss then try to keep calm and composed, remembering the long-term plan that you are focused on. Losses can be recuperated fairly quickly even with your safest bets (examples shown in eBook). If you get tempted to double up with money from your own account or select riskier bets in order to chase your winnings back you are diverting from your strategy and leaving yourself open to further losses (the snowball effect). It is better to acknowledge the loss and then focus on the next selection and move forward.

Mistakes to Avoid - Don't Forget to Double Check Your Slip

Although this seems like common sense, mistakes can easily be made. Some common mistakes are listed below (imagery available in eBook):

1. Accidentally making numerous three-fold bets rather than a single four-fold bet.

2. Accidentally betting on games that are playing on different dates when making an accumulator.

3. Accidentally placing the wrong amount on a bet.

4. Choosing the wrong bet (eg. meaning to select the away team to win or draw, but selecting no draw).

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