Daily List of Favourite Football Tips – Favourite List with Stats! (06/11/16)

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Daily List of Favourite Football Tips - Favourite's List with Betting Statistics (06/11/16). These Tips will be posted before 12pm unless otherwise notified.


View the percentage of bets placed on the teams below to view the favourites of the day:


Real Madrid Win - 92% [progressbar_striped width="92" color="#ddd" bg_color="#1582cf" text="92% Favourite"]


Juventus Win - 61% [progressbar_striped width="61" color="#ddd" bg_color="#1582cf" text="61% Favourite"]


Liverpool Win - 79% [progressbar_striped width="79" color="#ddd" bg_color="#1582cf" text="79% Favourite"]


Man Utd Win- 67% [progressbar_striped width="67" color="#ddd" bg_color="#1582cf" text="67% Favourite"]


Leicester Win - 59% [progressbar_striped width="59" color="#ddd" bg_color="#1582cf" text="59% Favourite"]


Roma Win - 65% [progressbar_striped width="65" color="#ddd" bg_color="#1582cf" text="65% Favourite"]


Barcelona Win - 60% [progressbar_striped width="60" color="#ddd" bg_color="#1582cf" text="60% Favourite"]


PSG Win - 86% [progressbar_striped width="86" color="#ddd" bg_color="#1582cf" text="86% Favourite"]


King Football Tips - Free Football Betting Tips Daily

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