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The 15 Best Sports Betting Strategies & Step by Step Guide to Selecting Bets (eBook)

King Football Tips - Free Football Betting Tips Daily - Football Betting Strategies

by J. Kaye

King Football Tips - Free Football Betting Tips Daily. where to bet on football


King Football Tips - Free Football Betting Tips Daily. where to bet on football


King Football Tips - Free Football Betting Tips Daily. where to bet on football


King Football Tips - Free Football Betting Tips Daily. where to bet on football


1) Win more bets by utilising the practical Step by Step Guide; with real match stats and imagery.


2) Identify the odds that you are best at selecting in the Step by Step Guide. 


3) Minimise losses by identifying the different influential factors and potential pitfalls when making selections.


4) Decrease expenditure by employing the money management strategies discussed.


5) Achieve long-term betting success by learning timeless strategies and methods for long-term betting success.

This eBook significantly expands on the content of the site. It analyses additional fundamental strategies to utilise without getting lured into riskier selections, as well as elaborating on strategies featured on the site in greater detail with the use of different examples and experiences. More unique content is discussed in a clear, structured manner that is easy to consume. As such, you can significantly improve your sports betting, learning the strongest strategies for long-term betting success.

The book also covers how to select winning bets both theoretically and practically, giving a strong insight into effective betting. Significant value is provided for selecting winning bets with 'The Step by Step Guide'. We have gathered the tactics that professional tipsters use for successful betting. 'The Step by Step Guide' shows how to research teams worthy of selections at different levels of odds. Both pre-game and in-game bets are examined with the use of images to make explanations clear and easy to grasp. All of the key influential factors such as home and away form are categorised and explained alongside many other factors with various examples, using different scenarios and outcomes. The guide is very practical and advice is easy to adopt for people who want to win more bets.

Although 'The Step by Step Guide' analyses football/soccer selections, the advice can be applied to other sports betting such as basketball, baseball, cricket, American football, rugby, tennis, snooker, ice hockey and others not mentioned. This in turn will give you a refreshing insight into how you can achieve consistent, long-term betting success.

 "After over 10 years of betting with a low success rate, this book has really turned things around for me. I am finally seeing steady financial growth. It has revolutionised my betting "

Sam Martin

Ebook Owner

 "This is the book that every sports bettor needs. It is my betting guide that I continue to refer to."

Joseph Taiwo

Ebook Owner

 "The book is crammed with an abundance of practical knowledge. I have adopted many of its principles with great affect, consistently winning more bets."

Ray Harding

Ebook Owner

Win more bets and strategise for long-term betting success by learning the most Effective Sports Betting Strategies and Step by Step Guide to Selecting Bets (made easy to employ with useful imagery).

The eBook can be purchased directly via Paypal. If you have a Kindle, you can also purchase it on Amazon.

At Just £2.99 this is great value for money.